This is where I’m currently active. I’ll throw up stuff that catches my interest at the time and when I can, write like I used to.


WordPress just sent my annual statistics summary email.


“Your writing has staying power!” Now I feel hella bad.

Dem Happy Haps

– Graduated early from the Art Institute to go back to community college and hopefully go to a four-year university next fall. Still handy with a knife, though.

– Remained working at Chipotle, which has proven to be a pretty sweet job. They love me there and I hope to work there till I have to move off for college. Currently on a month-long vacation to settle into school and get things sorted out.

– Have been collecting music like a fiend and I’ve branched out to include some pretty weird stuff. I’ve been sharing some choice songs over on my Tumblr.

– Break is here and all I plan to do is reconnect with friends who I haven’t had time to see lately. Oh, and catch up on TV of course (I’m looking at you Fringe and Community).

– This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.

– I moved down a notch on my belt!

– My mom recently told me what she had planned for Christmas dinner. That new notch on my belt probably won’t last long…


I hope everyone is having a fantastic break and enjoying the holidays.  You guys stay classy.

Quick Help, Please

This is for a project at school and I was hoping that you guys could choose one menu item from each category so that I could form a basis on what’s popular and what’s not. It’d be a great help if you guys would look the menu over and just shout off your three picks. I hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving. May your bellies be full and your pants undone.

Please and thanks!

Every morning I wake up, brew a cup of coffee and toast up a Pop Tart before going to my room to catch up on web happenings. While I eat my breakfast and surf the web, I  like to listen to this radio show in the morning. The problem is that the music they play is Top 40 hits, which means a lot of really bad music. Since I put up with the music for the  sake of listening to the hosts, that means I’ll end up listening to the songs playing.

The other day, I heard a song that caught my attention. The song, “Just A Dream,” was by Nelly. I’ll repeat that: Nelly.

Do you remember last time you’d heard Nelly on the radio? Like, constantly? Nelly was HUGE eight years ago. “Country Grammar,” “Ride Wit Me,” “#1,” Hot In Herre,” “Air Force Ones” and “Pimp Juice.” I swear, in 2002 every other song was a Nelly song. Then around 2004-05 he just kind of disappeared.

Now he’s back from The Years of Past to release this gem:

Welcome to 2010, Nelly. Best of luck navigating 2010. Everything is touchscreen now.

P.S. Remember these? Paul Wall, J-Kwon, Mike Jones, The Game, G-Unit, Peetey Pablo and Eamon?


“This watch is all I have left from the money made off “Tipsy.”

Lulz early 2000s rap.

Giamatti Did It Big

I watched the Truman Show this morning, truly one of my all-time favorite movies. (I also realized how much I enjoy Andrew Niccol’s works.) After I watch a movie, I always like go on Wikipedia and read up on it, maybe catch some trivia about the production and stuff. I was looking through the cast and was checking out each actor’s page (this is what I do people!) when I got to Paul Giamatti.

As I was looking through his filmography, I noticed a movie he was in called Thunderpants. Yes, you read that right. Here’s the plot summary for Thunderpants from Wikipedia:

“Born with two stomachs, Patrick Smash (Bruce Cook) is uncontrollably and devastatingly flatulent. No more than thirty seconds after his birth, he first broke wind, horrifying his parents (Bronagh Gallagher and Victor McGuire) and doctor (Robert Hardy). As he grew up, his gassy emissions became so uncontrollable and destructive that his father had to flee their home, as he was often injured by the power of his son’s powerful farts; a force so strong that it can blow people over and curtains open in one mere release. Patrick’s unfortunate affliction left him prone to bullying. One incident at his school left him particularly humiliated.

An important visitor was addressing the school during assembly and Patrick fought to control his flatulence, but he could not. He passed gas loudly, polluting the hall and disgracing the school. However, while he is physically weak, Patrick finds strength in his disorder and eventually seeks revenge on his main tormentor Damon (Joshua Herdman) by passing gas in his face, leaving the bully scarred for life. Patrick’s only friend is child prodigy Alan A. Allen (Rupert Grint), who has anosmia and therefore, a resilience to Patrick’s condition. Alan and Patrick team up, using Alan’s intelligence and Patrick’s lifelong dream of being an astronaut, to make Thunderpants, a space suit strong enough to contain Patrick’s emissions. Suddenly, Patrick learns that Alan went to America with the government to assist astronauts who are trapped in outer space, and Patrick finds that his condition may be of use to the spacemen in peril.”

That movie was actually made. People spent money, millions of dollars that is, to make this movie happen. Paul Giamatti was in this movie. Maybe he was forced or he was doing a favor, but he did it. That alone blew my mind. *Note: I have not seen this movie, it may actually be great, but c’mon…

What truly astounded me was that this movie was released in 2002 and was the last movie that Giamatti did before going onto American Splendor a year later. That’s unbelievable to me. That movie, an excellent one to say the least, was what basically shot Giamatti to A-list status and opened the door for more dramatic and exciting movies.

To be honest, I don’t know why I’m writing about this. Am I Paul Giamatti’s number one fan? No, not at all. Is American Splendor my all-time favorite movie? Nope. I just wanted to write about something and this is what gets my gears going. The Truman Show led to this thought that completely took over and for some reason I thought I’d share.

All I know is pop culture and this is a taste of how my brain works most of the time. It feels good to finally write something again. It’s nice to be back.


Paul Giamatti loses it whenever he thinks of the one-two punch that was Planet of the Apes followed by Thunderpants

I Believe In Joy